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Product Features

  • Ultra precise centering and movements
  • Universal connectors campatible with major brand connectors
  • Equivalent to the ES579.


RC has never been more affordable to enter into as it is now, and the quality of what is now considered to be entry-level equipment rivals what was considered to be the top-tier equipment just a short time ago. With JR SPORT you can get the high level of performance you want with a budget friendly price you desire. JR SPORT makes it easy to determine what servo is best for your application, thanks to their simple naming structure. If you look at the servo's name it will indicate the size and features of the servo for you at a glance. For example look at the ST125MG. ST denotes a standard size case, MG denotes that it has metal gears and the 126 refers to 126 oz/in ( of torque @ 4.8volts. All JR SPORT servos feature universal connectors that will plug into major brand receivers.


  • Size Category: Standard
  • Type: Analog
  • Torque: @4.8v; @6v
  • Speed: .21 sec/60° @4.8v; .17 sec/60° @6v
  • Length: 38.6mm
  • Width: 18.5mm
  • Height: 33.7mm
  • Weight: 45.3g
  • Gear Type: Metal

  • Model: JRC126MG

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